Lead in Wildlife Symposium

9-12 October 2021

Boise, Idaho

The Lead in Wildlife Symposium has been postponed from this year to next!  It will be held in Boise on 9-12 October, 2021, in conjunction with the joint conference of the Raptor Research Foundation and Neotropical Raptor Network

Registration is now open for The Raptor Research Foundation’s 55th annual conference from 4-8 October 2020 to be held jointly in Boise, Idaho with the Neotropical Raptor Network. The Peregrine Fund is hosting the conference with partner organizations at Boise State University, Intermountain Bird Observatory, Golden Eagle Audubon, Birds of Prey National Conservation Area Partnership, and USGS Idaho.

The Lead in Wildlife Symposium focuses on the science, policy, and mitigation actions underway surrounding issues related to anthropogenic sources of lead impacting wildlife around the world. The symposium will feature oral and poster presentations by global experts in the science, philosophy, and action surrounding the anthropogenic sources of environmental lead contamination.

More information here.