4th International Swan Symposium 2002: Warrenton, Virginia, USA

The proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium were published in Waterbirds, which is the scientific journal of the Waterbird Society. It has been the Society’s long-standing policy not to allow posting of PDFs on publicly available web pages because a large portion of its operating revenue now comes from electronic sources such as BioOne and JSTOR. However, the Society advise that PDFs of articles can be obtained from JSTOR via the hyperlinks below, or via. Swan SG members may also wish to become members of the Waterbird Society (www.waterbirds.org www.osnabirds.org/Apply.aspx), which permits access to all published content since 2002 on BIoOne (including other swan articles).

Census of Trumpeter Swans on Alaskan Nesting Habitats by Bruce Conant, John I. Hodges, Deborah J. Groves and James G. King

Trumpeter Swan Numbers and Distribution in Western Canada by James S. Hawkings, André Breault, Sean Boyd, Mike Norton, Gerard Beyersbergen and Paul Latour

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Long-term Trends in the Number of Whooper Swans Molting at Lake Myvatn, Iceland, by Amthor Gardarsson, Arni Einarsson and Svenir Thorstensen

Numbers of Mute Swans and Whooper Swans in Sweden by Lei J Nilsson

Numbers and Distribution of Whooper Swans Breeding, W intering and on Migration in Estonia by Leho Luigujoe, Andres Kuresoo and Agu Leivits

Reassessment of the Southern Limit for Whooper Swans Breeding in Northwest Russia by Tatiana Y. Hokhlova and Alexandr V. Artemjev

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Status and Breeding Ecology of Bewick’s Swans in the Lena Delta, Yakutia, Northern Asia by Vladimir I. Pozdnyakov

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Effects of El Niño Southern Oscillation on Numbers of Black-necked Swans at Rio Cruces Sanctuary, Chile by Roberto P. Schlatter, René A. Navarro and Paulo Corti

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Satellite Tracking of Bewick’s Swan Migration from Lake Nakaumi, Japan by Kaname Kamiya and Kiyoaki Ozaki

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Use of Winter Translocations to Expand Distribution of Trumpeter Swans in the Western United States by Roderick C. Drewien, Kent Clegg and Ruth E. Shea

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Tundra Swan Use of the Upper Mississippi River during Autumn Migration by Erik M. Thorson, James A. Cooper and Eric Nelson

Sex Differences in the Movements and Mortality of Mute Swans by Richard Collins

Effect of Tundra Swan Grazing on W inter Wheat in North Carolina by David R Crawley, Jr. and Eric G. Bolen

Effects of Grazing on Grasslands by Wintering Whooper Swans by Kendrew Colhoun and Keith R Day.

Habitat Usage and Field Choice by Mute and Whooper Swans in the Tweed Valley, Scotland by Helen Chisholm and Chris Spray

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Tundra Swans of the Lower Alaska Peninsula: Differences in Migratory Behavior and Productivity by Christian P. Dau and John E. Sarvis

Egg Size Variation in Mute Swans: Its Influence on Egg Hatchability, Cygnet Body Size and Cygnet Survival by Andrzej Czapulak

Timing of Primary Molt in Breeding Mute Swans by Andrzej Czapulak

Parental Care in Tundra Swans during the Pre-fledging Period by Susan L. Earnst

Parental Care Behavior and Double-brooding in Coscoroba Swans in Central Chile by Gwenda L. Brewer and Yerko Vilinä

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Overview of the Trumpeter Swan Reintroduction Program in Ontario by Harry G. Lumsden and Mark C. Drever

Development of an Expert System for Assessing Trumpeter Swan Breeding Habitat in the Northern Rocky Mountains by Richard S. Sojda, John E. Comely and Adele E. Howe

Bayesian Time Series Analysis of Segments o f the Rocky Mountain Trumpeter Swan Population by Chris K. Wright, Richard Sojda and Daniel Goodman

Potential Wind Park Impacts on W hooper Swans in Winter: the Risk o f Collision by Jesper Kyed Larsen and Preben Clausen

Threats to Whooper Swans in Xinjiang, China by Ming Ma and Dai Cai

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The Accuracy o f Sexing Mute Swan Cygnets by Cloacal Examination by Allan W. Brown and Lyndesay M. Brown

Isozyme Analysis Reveals Genetic Differences Between Three Trumpeter Swan Populations by Charles A. Pelizza and Hugh B. Britten

Vocal Characteristics of Trumpeter and Tundra Swans and Their Hybrid Offspring by Thomas C. Wood, Thomas O. Brooks and William J. L. Sladen

Trends in Mute Swan Blood Lead Levels: Evidence of Grit R educing Lead Poisoning by John O’Halloran, Patrick Smiddy, Xie Quishi, Ruth O’Leary and Catherine Hayes

Survival and Reproductive Success of Trumpeter Swans after T reatment for Lead Poisoning by Laurel Degemes, Steve Kittelson, Madeleine Linck and Patricia Manthey

Baseline Hematology and Clinical Chemistry Results from Captive-raised Trumpeter Swans by Glenn H. Olsen, Donielle L. Rininger, Marika K. Ets and William J. L. Sladen